Mentorship Program 2016

Why Mentorship?

How many times have you thought that it would be nice to have a mentor? How many of your employees would benefit from a bit of guidance through a mentor? How often have you tried to get a mentorship program started but couldn’t find the time to do the planning or develop the supporting guides?

When surveyed, SBOT members showed a strong interest in a mentorship program. We listened and in May 2016, we launched a unique mentorship program as part of SBOT’s member benefits.

As a member of the Surrey Board of Trade, let us help you build your bridge to a better work experience and career development strategies.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

More than a networking or relationship building, the SBOT mentorship program stands apart from others because we have embedded essential skills development into the program. We also focus on creating opportunities to integrate key under-represented groups into your workforce.

Member-driven, Value Added

This exclusive program was designed by adult educators specifically for SBOT members as part of our strategy to help your employees be “job ready.”

Mentors will be provided with an Essential Skills training workshop (a $250 value) to develop awareness and enhance their own leadership skills – a great benefit for their organization.

Protégés will have the opportunity to work with an experienced mentor to enhance their oral communication, cultural sensitivity when working with others, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

All participants will come away with invaluable experience and exposure to untapped labour markets within our business community.

Apply to this Program

Applications are closed for 2016.

If you are a manager or a supervisor or you want to hone your leadership skills, consider being a Mentor and develop a new understanding of your colleagues through our unique workshop and trained support.

If you are looking to improve your work experiences, need a little help understanding the value of networking, or want an objective perspective of what you want in a career, consider being a Protege.

The Surrey Board of Trade, through the guidance of its Mentorship Advisory Group, is responsible for the matching of Mentors and Proteges. Every effort will be made to match all requests; however, SBOT cannot guarantee placement in the program as space is limited. Those not matched will be given priority in the next operating year. Also note that this is a SBOT member benefit. Membership is required.

Support this Program

Broaden your competitive advantage by becoming a sponsor for Surrey Board of Trade’s inaugural mentorship program 2016. By sponsoring, you are telling your colleagues that you value skills development and leadership initiatives. Through your brand, you will be influencing a better workforce for Surrey’s economic future. Sponsorship opportunities are exclusive – don’t miss your opportunity to have your logo prominently displayed on our marketing materials.

Contact Anne Peterson, or 604.634.0346, today.