2016 Surrey Innovation Award Winners Announced

At today’s September 29th Surrey Board of Trade Innovation Awards Lunch at the Sheraton Hotel in Surrey, the winners were:

1. Young Innovator Category

Recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit of an individual less than 30 years of age who has demonstrated innovative thinking through the research and/or development of a technology-related product or service

WINNER: Shawn Davis – Compy Inc.
Compy is a bio-product that is used in conjunction with a person’s organic waste bin. It helps to make things easier by eliminating odours, absorbing moisture and gunk, and reducing fruit flies. It also reduces the need for bin washing, thus reducing water consumption. Compy, the Bin Barrier, is the product of both scientific research and testing and market research and testing. Compy is based on a simple idea: to decrease odours from organic waste, you must balance the organic waste with a rich carbon source. That carbon source is Compy. Compy is also formulated to breakdown quickly and absorb moisture, which is key to reduce odours fast and reducing excess fruit flies.

2. Small Business Award Category
Recognizes a small business that has developed a new or improved technology, service, process or product by using creative methods and innovative thinking that has the potential to transform an industry sector or quality of life.
MICROMATTER™ Technologies Inc. specializes in thin film deposition technologies. They were originally founded in 1968 to manufacture thin carbon foils for the scientific community. Over the years, the business has expanded to include accelerator target foils and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) calibration standards. Committed to manufacturing excellence, MICROMATTER’s unique vapour deposition methods and established capabilities in diamond-like carbon synthesis create technical synergies that will accelerate research and development objectives in several key areas. Today, leading institutions in over 50 countries use MICROMATTER™ standards to calibrate their XRF systems. Their technology is most often used for instrument calibration and quality control in the fields of air pollution and thin coatings.

3. Large Business Award Category
Recognizes a large business that has developed a new or improved technology, service, process or product by using creative methods and innovative thinking that has the potential to transform quality of life
FortisBC serves more than one million energy customers in British Columbia, and provides 21% of all the energy consumed in B.C. – more than any other utility in B.C. In 2011, in response to the evolving needs of their customers for a carbon-neutral energy source, FortisBC became the first utility in North America to introduce a renewable natural gas (RNG) product offering and program. Today, they have continued on the path of innovation and are pleased to be partnering with the City of Surrey who will be both a supplier and purchaser of RNG produced at the City of Surrey’s Biofuel Facility which will process the City’s organic waste into 100% RNG. FortisBC’s RNG program and early experience with RNG were critical pieces used in partnership with Surrey to develop another “first” for British Columbia. They are proud to support the development of the City of Surrey’s vision and contribute towards a continued reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

4. Organization Award Category
Recognizes an organization that has developed a new or improved technology, service, process or product by using creative methods and innovative thinking that has the potential to transform quality of life.
WINNER: West Coast Centre for Learning
West Coast Centre for Learning’s uniqueness and originality stems from the way in which the founder has taken concepts from internationally renowned research and award winning cognitive development software for children. The organization has creatively developed services for two innovative niche markets blending online learning technology programs with mental health and wellness services designed to support inclusive multicultural workplace environments as well as the unique needs of an aging population. They have distinguished themselves through Accreditation by Pearson Education Canada and Scientific Learning to develop two new local niche markets, offering the highest quality neuroscience technology that the international scientific and academic research community has to offer in support of human capital I business as well as older adult health and wellness.

This year’s nominations were truly inspiring! The judging team reviewed the applications with the following criteria in mind:

  • Intellectual Achievement
  • Uniqueness and Originality
  • Development
  • Commercialization
  • And Benefits

“Each of today’s winners exemplifies innovation, that is new ways of doing business. It is Surrey’s innovative companies that will meet the challenges of the new economy, expanding opportunity in the great city that is Surrey, improving lives locally and globally by transforming ideas and technology into commercial reality,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

Presenting Sponsor: Simon Fraser University-Surrey
Award Sponsors: Century Group (3Civic Plaza), KPU, Lark Group

For more information regarding this event, please contact Anita Huberman at or 604.634.0342.