The Surrey Board of Trade has been advocating for sustainable funding for Surrey Schools since 2008.

“Today, the Surrey Board of Trade was pleased to hear from the BC Government that they will be investing $217 million for capital projects over the next 3 years to target the construction of up to 5,200 new student seats in Surrey. More importantly the key ingredient of a structured join executive board to oversee, and determine priorities in Surrey is integral to ensure that our students move out of portable,” said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade.

“The Surrey Board of Trade continues to advocate for a formal long-term sustainable funding formula is recommended as the next step for education K-12 infrastructure in Surrey.”

It was indicated in the BC Government announcement that the project team will identify new schools or school expansions as quickly as possible so the proposals can be brought forward for provincial approval. That planning will involve defining the size of projects, as well as timing new school development to align with residential development. Staff from the Surrey School District, Partnerships BC, and the Ministry of Education will make up the executive project board. The project team will include a project director, financial manager, city liaison, project managers and project technicians. The board may also consult engineering, planning, environmental and architectural experts as needed.

The intention is to reduce the number of portables in Surrey.

The construction of new schools in high growth areas benefits students in Surrey. This will contribute to a healthy community, and enabling economic growth.

The Surrey Board of Trade believes that education and transportation are economic foundations to building a city and supporting businesses.

“If we have education today, we will have continued productivity tomorrow.”