Surrey Board of Trade Urges BC Government to Work with Local Officials to Counter Recent Activity in Gang Shootings – The Cost of Prolific Offenders on the Local Economy is Too High

The recent shootings in Surrey have led to a renewed call by the Surrey Board of Trade to the BC Government to work with local officials to strategically deal with prolific offenders.

“The Surrey Board of Trade knows that the RCMP is working on specific strategies to counter those that are engaged in these shootings. To a business organization that is proud of Surrey and its many achievements in economic and social development, and where the Surrey Board of Trade is supporting and attracting business to Surrey, the recent shootings pose a significant challenge to the reputation and progress of our city,” said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade.

The economic and social development of any community relies upon its reputation as a safe, viable region in which to locate and do business with supporting infrastructure and community assets; however if customers feel unsafe, they won’t frequent businesses in Surrey. If the reputation of a region is suspect, businesses won’t come. If the media targets a community as one in which prolific offenders reside, its economy suffers. The concern is the profligacy of offenders and their return to the same community time and again.

The Surrey Board of Trade supports the BC Government’s commitment to reducing crime as referenced in their election platform. Active, strategic, ongoing support is needed now to address crime issues.

“Less crime leads to greater economic prosperity as businesses and customers come to a safe, viable community. With these recent shootings a reactive effort is necessary; however, an immediate and effective proactive solution is required. We can’t keep having these cycles of shootings in Surrey and the South Fraser Region.”

In 2014 the Surrey Board of Trade specifically asked the provincial government for the following:

To work in coordination with the Federal Government to provide adequate budgetary support for offenders to receive treatment while incarcerated and for post-release housing and programming of prolific offenders to ensure successful societal reintegration and safer communities.
To combine resources with the Federal Government to ensure the efficacy of programs such as the Integrated Court Services Plan and the successful implementation of best practice measures.