Surrey Board of Trade Pleased with BC’s Throne Speech

The Surrey Board of Trade is pleased with BC’s Throne Speech. It’s presentation articulated forthcoming economic investments to support businesses, their employees and enhance livability in our communities.

The Surrey Board of Trade heard a focus on a comprehensive housing strategy, education and transportation investments moving forward in a collaborative process with Metro Vancouver Mayors and the federal government.

“The Surrey Board of Trade is looking forward to hearing the details of economic investments to child care, transportation, education and housing in the BC Budget next week,” said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade.

“These economic topics and their details in next week’s BC Budget presentation, especially as it relates to Light Rail Transit investments in Surrey will be very important to Surrey.”

“The Surrey Board of Trade was pleased with the focus on child care. Child care affordability and accessibility to quality childcare spaces are necessary for employees to be able to perform at peak productivity, confident in the knowledge that their children are cared for in a safe, learning environment. Household expenditures are necessary for a vibrant local business community. Both are necessary for a family friendly community that supports and nurtures a healthy and engaged society. With the appropriate investment by the provincial government to encourage the development of more spaces, the return on investment is a richer economic environment for families and communities.”

The Surrey Board of Trade is committed to creating a more business-friendly Surrey to support and attract business.


Additional items in the throne speech

Poverty Reduction Strategy coming this year
Enhancing the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters grants and Rental Assistance Program grants for families
Renewing the BC Human Rights Commission
Minimum wage increase coming in June, path to $15 an hour by June 2021
First steps to review the province’s Labour Code, committed to be safest place to work in Canada
Action to reduce surgical wait times
Team-based health care to reduce pressure on emergency rooms
Increase the time caregivers spend with seniors
New investments in transition housing for women and children fleeing violence
Comprehensive review of B.C.’s coastal ferry service
New public awareness campaign to reduce stigma of addiction
New playground capital fund
New climate plan to be developed over the ‘coming months’
B.C. will update environmental assessment process
Province commits to ‘revitalize the forest industry’s social contract’.
Independent review into last year’s fires and lead to investment in prevention
Emerging Economy Task Force will be launched in the spring
Government set to create 2,900 new tech-related spaces at colleges and universities throughout the province