Surrey Board of Trade Pleased with Pattullo Bridge Re-build Announcement – wants 6 lanes instead of 4 to prepare for future population growth

The Surrey Board of Trade is very pleased with today’s announcement from the BC Government on the re-build of the Pattullo Bridge and that the province will be stepping up to pay for the construction of a $1.377-billion bridge to replace the aging Pattullo Bridge.

The Pattullo Bridge replacement project will be delivered solely by the Province. The project includes a new Pattullo Bridge that will be located upstream of the existing one, network connections in Surrey and New Westminster, and the removal of the existing bridge. The new Pattullo Bridge will be owned, operated and maintained by the Government of British Columbia.

The new bridge will be four lanes to be built to modern safety standards, featuring a centre safety median barrier and wider lanes to accommodate both passenger and commercial vehicles. The bridge will also have walking and cycling lanes, separated from traffic, on both sides of the bridge.

“However, the Surrey Board of Trade asks the BC Government to re-consider an opening of 4-lanes to 6 lanes to accommodate certain population growth in the region,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “We must prepare for transportation infrastructure for future population growth.”

The future of transportation that supports economic growth is a fundamental element to a prosperous economy in both Surrey and New Westminster.