SURREY – The Surrey Board of Trade is very pleased with today’s announcement that the funding is now finalized.

The Surrey Board of Trade has, as part of its mandate, reviewed the proposed LRT project thoroughly. We have examined the alternatives and weighed up the costs and benefits of possible solutions. Without doubt, the light rail transit (LRT) is the best system, dollar for dollar, for Surrey and South of Fraser.

“Our rationale is that Surrey is the destination, not a thoroughfare to somewhere else,” said CEO Anita Huberman. “Studies have shown, including the Surrey Board of Trade’s most recent Surrey Road Survey, that over 70% of all car trips in Surrey, stay in Surrey. The demand for more transit increases annually, as Surrey is becomes the hub of the South Fraser Region.”

The LRT, a system chosen overwhelmingly by over 400 forward thinking cities around the world and in Canada, is the system that will transform our city into a livable, walkable, movable, thriving hub of economic activity.

Today’s announcement confirmed that 100% of Phase 2 of the Mayors Council plan will be implemented. At $7 billion, it will be Canada’s most comprehensive infrastructure project providing up to 70,000 jobs. In Surrey, this means Expressions of Interest and Procurement proposals can begin immediately for the ‘L’ route (Guildford-City Centre-Newton) as well as pre-engineering work along the Fraser Highway.

“As the project moves forward, we will continue to work with Surrey’s business community to ensure that they are prepared for the transition. We are planning four business-focussed workshops to go over the project plans in as much detail as possible, and work with impacted businesses on how they can continue to serve their clients over the next 2-3 years,” said Huberman.

Surrey is growing rapidly, and as it grows, the opportunity exists to shape it into a world-class destination in its own right. With nearly 1,000 new residents coming monthly, the need for a vision has never been more necessary. The LRT provides an opportunity to manage growth, densify, move people, and create commercial space while achieving an attractive streetscape.

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