Surrey Board of Trade Renews Call for Action on Ride-Sharing by BC Government

In the face of rising gas prices and the need for alternative transportation options, especially in Surrey and South of the Fraser, the Surrey Board of Trade calls for action and implementation on ride-sharing by the BC Government.

“The Surrey Board of Trade understood the need for the newly formed government to review ride sharing legislation and ensure a level playing competitive field,” said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade. “However, some time has passed since the BC Government finished its consultation.”

The Surrey Board of Trade is seeking province-wide support for Ride-Sharing Legislation to:

Bring forward ride-sharing regulations that establish province-wide rules for safety and consumer protection; and,
Evaluate and remove unnecessary red tape on existing transportation providers.

Ride-sharing, the ability of an average driver who has been through appropriate safety screening to use their personal vehicle to connect with a rider via a smartphone, is a key sector in the new sharing economy.

Ride-sharing is currently available in hundreds of cities around the world, providing a new transportation option and flexible income opportunities for those wanting to drive. Regulations are required to provide needed support for innovative transportation options and reassure the public that this service is safe.

The sharing economy is providing new economic opportunities for individuals and small businesses to increase the utilization of their assets by connecting with new customers via a software app. PWC estimates that in 2013 the sharing economy generated $15B in annual revenue compared to $240B in the traditional rental sector. By 2025, it estimates that both sectors will grow to reach $335B for combined revenue of $670B.

Ride-sharing and traditional transportation models can complement each other to better serve British Columbia, just as they do in communities across Canada and around the world.

“Let’s finally have some action on ride-sharing in British Columbia. We need it,” said Huberman