Surrey Board of Trade Applauds Modernizing BC Procurement Processes To Make It Easier For Business To Access Opportunities

SURREY – The Surrey Board of Trade was pleased at Minister Sims announcement today introducing the BC Procurement Strategy 2018 report. The Surrey Board of Trade participated in the consultation process through an in-person meeting with Minister Sims offering several recommendations to enhance opportunities and reduce red tape for businesses of all sizes that are wanting the opportunity to bid on needed government goods and services.

“Our members have expressed frustration over the years with the BC Bid system and accessing government contracts,” said CEO Anita Huberman. “It’s good to finally have a more innovative and equitable approach to bids.”

There was also the perception that the bid process was somewhat unfair. “Having support for businesses to navigate the process and simplifying procurement overall, is the right direction to take – for small, medium and large businesses,” said Huberman.

The Ministry of Citizens’ Services responded to recommendations made by businesses to have the bidding process not “stifle innovation,” be transparent, and be more available/helpful. Further, would be bidders for government contracts wanted a more streamlined process that’s easy to navigate, clear on timelines, and encourages more inclusivity and small business involvement.

The report outlined 4 goals:
1. Best value and increased social benefit to British Columbians
2. Easier to do business with government
3. More opportunity for businesses of all sizes
4. Greater capacity to support procurement

“As with all new initiatives, the implementation will be crucial to ensure a better way of doing business with the government. I hope the ministry does achieve the goals as outlined – our members and the business community at large will benefit economically. And,” concluded Huberman, “if savings are realized as intended, our taxpayers will be relieved.”

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