On Wednesday July 18th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shuffled his Ministers to better equip Canada to diversify trade relationships. This change is supported by the Surrey Board of Trade. Surrey is a diverse, and multicultural society with more than 100 spoken dialects, and two major airports 45 minutes away from Surrey city centre.

As the United States of America implements protectionist trade policies, it is necessary for Canada to ensure economic growth is not halted. Surrey is the second largest city in terms of population in British Columbia and is well on its way to becoming the largest city. The Surrey Board of Trade supports trade partnerships with a diversified list of countries through its International Trade Centre including India, Southeast Asia, Brazil, and many countries in the European Union.

“Canada needs to follow Surrey’s lead in seeking relationships to strengthen the economy rather than relying on existing trade partnerships. There is also an opportunity to strengthen and advance Canada’s global economic brand,” says Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade.

The Surrey Board of Trade will always support and attract businesses for the benefit of economic growth for Surrey. The Surrey Board of Trade has composed many international policies to the different levels of government to instigate change and benefit business, by creating global business connections for local businesses.

“The Surrey Board of Trade will communicate to the new cabinet on the many issues that the business organization deals with ranging from transportation, agriculture to social policy.

Full list of new Canadian Government Cabinet: