Surrey Board of Trade Employer Tool For Cannabis Legalization

The Surrey Board of Trade, earlier this year, released a support guide to help Surrey employers manage cannabis in the workplace. Cannabis Legalization comes into effect this Wednesday, October 17th. We are the only business organization that has taken this proactive step for our members.

Employer Support Guide – Managing Cannabis in the Workplace

Workplace Substance Management Policy

“What is missing from the consultation and conversation on cannabis are workplace related issues and how the employer/employee will be impacted. This Employer Support Guide and supporting Sample Workplace Substance Management Policy is only part of Phase 1 to help businesses as cannabis becomes legalized later this year,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“Drug impairment on the job is a complex challenge for employers at the best of times. With the pending legalization by the Federal government of recreational cannabis usage, employers will need to review what they know and what they need to know to be prepared.”

“Our objective is to inform employers and provide them with clarity and a foundation as they manage both the health and safety risks as well as the accommodation requirements related to both medical and recreational cannabis.”

The Surrey Board of Trade has been participating actively in the dialogue leading up to legalization of cannabis, specific to the missing piece of workplace impacts.

The Surrey Board of Trade does recommend that legal advice for Human Resource policies is necessary to ensure compliance.