We will find out on Tuesday, November 6 at the 20th Annual Surrey Business Excellence Awards Dinner, hosted by the Surrey Board of Trade.

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This year’s Finalists are:
Philip Aguirre, Newton Business Improvement Association and Old Surrey Restaurant
Philip Aguirre is a Certified Professional Accountant with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Victoria. He grew up in a typical immigrant family where hard work is emphasized. His parents opened the Old Surrey Restaurant in 1975, and at age 9, Philip was lucky to have gained his first experience at work as a dishwasher. From then on, Philip gained invaluable knowledge and experience working with people who inspired him to be a leader and a mentor, to work with passion and pride, work ethics and a consuming need to adapt to the everchanging environment. The Old Surrey Restaurant’s success over the last 39 years is a testament to Philip’s innovative, yet compassionate kind of leadership.

Perminder Chohan, Lifewise Financial Group Inc.
When Perminder Chohan arrived in British Columbia from India in 1990, the field of finance was
farthest from his mind. Like many immigrants, he set about finding work wherever it was available.
He worked at a plastic factory, put up his own his own plumbing company and several cellular phone stores and eventually moved into the field of direct selling and marketing. Fast forward to this day, Perminder has been involved in many charitable causes. Last year, he was awarded the Spirit of Generosity by Drishti Media for his tireless efforts to support those in need. Perminder supports many charitable institutions, to name a few, The Soar Philanthropy Society, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Sick Motorcycle Club, Kids Play, Richmond Hospital Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital and Ronald MacDonald House in Surrey. Full proceeds from Perminder’s two best-selling books, UnCommon with Brian Tracy and Performance 360 with Sir Richard Branson, go towards supporting Entrepreneurs International.

Dr. Sandy Johal, Panorama Optometry 
Dr. Johal is a Board-Certified Developmental Optometrist. She has built her practice upon her passion for providing high quality of vision care that goes far beyond 20/20. Her broad clinical expertise combined with her commitment to helping patients overcome vision challenges in school, work, and everyday life ensue that each patient can perform up to their potential. Dr. Johal graduated on the Dean’s List from the University of British Columbia in Cell Biology and Genetics in 1999. She went on to pursue a Doctor of Optometry from Pacific University College of Optometry and graduated with honours in 2003. Dr. Johal has also obtained a fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Vision Development.