MEDIA RELEASE ON SURREY TRANSPORTATION: 3rd Annual Surrey Road Survey Signals Urgency for Comprehensive, Sustainable Transit, and Transportation Investments

The Surrey Board of Trade released the results of its 3rd Annual Surrey Road Survey. 25% of their 6,000 member contacts responded to the survey.

“We need planning and action that anticipates needs and that results in infrastructure construction well in advance of increased demand, not long after the capacity is exceeded,” said Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade.

Patterns are beginning to emerge with three years of comparable data. Surrey’s network of over 4,500 lane kilometres of road is seeing increasing population of commuter and commercial usage.

The Road Survey includes questions designed by the City of Surrey’s Engineering Department as a form of information gathering.

In conclusion, the Surrey Board of Trade resulted in the following general conclusions:

1. That rapid transit options throughout Surrey be considered, planned and built as soon as possible

2. That the Pattullo Bridge have 6-lanes available on opening day; and that the Massey Tunnel be replaced by a bridge

3. That all levels of government work together to develop a very comprehensive transit/transportation plan for the South Fraser region; one that would not be subject to political interference but based on best transportation practice.

NOTE: Survey Highlights are on Page 6.