Surrey Board of Trade Pleased with National Energy Board Ruling on Trans Mountain Expansion Project – Business organization waits for final decision by the Federal Government

SURREY – On Friday, February 22, 2019 the National Energy Board (NEB) released their report on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project after months of consultations with a range of groups from business advocacy groups, such as the Surrey Board of Trade, to environmental protection groups. The 700-page reconsideration report has been given to the Federal Government.

The NEB has finished its reconsideration report regarding the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion and has decided the project is in the public interest of Canadians and should go forward, subject to 156 recommendations. The NEB has also made 16 new recommendations to the Government in Council.

“The Surrey Board of Trade is pleased that the NEB has recommended the Trans Mountain project to proceed,” said Anita Huberman, Surrey Board of Trade CEO. “Now we wait for the 90-day window for the Federal Government to make their decision on the pipeline.”

“Canada needs to move our crude oil to ports through the pipeline to lucrative overseas markets. We hope the project moves forward expediently.”

“The Trans Mountain Expansion Project – a $7.4-billion project – will spur significant economic activity, locally and globally. Moving crude oil by rail through suburbs is far more hazardous than using state-of-the art pipeline technology. A portion of the new construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline will go through Surrey, British Columbia.”


For more information contact:
Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade