Surrey Board of Trade Pleased with Launch of Expert Panel on Housing Supply and Affordability

On March 15, 2019, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, BC Finance Minister Carole James and BC Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Selina Robinson announced the creation of an Expert Panel on the Future of Housing Supply and Affordability.

“There are a number of Surrey Board of Trade housing policies that we have championed for years,” said CEO Anita Huberman. “We have long advocated for investments in affordable housing, and more specifically market rental housing to ensure that businesses have the labour force that they need.”

The Expert Panel will examine housing trends for rental and homeownership, exploring what can be done so that British Columbians can have further access to housing that they need and can afford. The Expert Panel will be comprised of leaders and specialists in a range of fields with relevant expertise who will be jointly selected by the Canadian and BC governments.

“Purpose-built housing is one such solution that the Surrey Board of Trade has advocated for. Additionally, there needs to be red tape reductions and innovative local government solutions to increase housing supply.”

“The Surrey Board of Trade will be asking to interface with the expert panel and welcomes the public consultation model developed with stakeholders to identify and evaluate measures that could address the housing crisis. We want to do our part to assist the government in addressing the crisis and would welcome any partnership as it relates to tackling this issue.”


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