Surrey Board of Trade Pleased with Surrey Councillor Locke’s Notice of Motion to Suspend Development Approvals on Fraser Highway Until SkyTrain Plans are Confirmed

Last night’s Surrey Council meeting saw a Notice of Motion by Surrey Councillor Brenda Locke related to suspending development on Fraser Highway until Skytrain plans are confirmed.

This is supported by the Surrey Board of Trade as it still remains uncertain, under the current funding envelope, what the SkyTrain extension will look like.

“The development community, many of them members of the Surrey Board of Trade, are looking for certainty in transportation infrastructure developments,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“The investments by the development community in the recent past, and with recent changes, have proved to be challenging. They want certainty in their business investments and certainty in investing in Surrey.”

The Surrey Board of Trade looks forward to dialoguing further with the City of Surrey on transportation plans in Surrey.