Surrey Board of Trade to Speak in Support of the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project on May 30 to the Federal Government Review Panel Secretariat

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project (RBT2) is a proposed new marine container terminal at Roberts Bank in Delta, BC on Canada’s west coast. The project is necessary to ensuring Canada can deliver on its trade commitments and ambitions.

The project proposal is to create 108 hectares of new industrial land in deep, subtidal waters to minimize environmental effects. The terminal would have up to three berths for container ships and would provide 1,500 on-terminal jobs.

“If approved and built, the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project would play a critical role in supporting Canadian businesses shipping goods to and from market. It will keep Canada competitive and open for trade with growing economies around the world, well into the future,” stated Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade.

Cargo at the port will grow at 3.6%. The current capacity is inadequate. Without the RBT2 Project, exports will be diverted to US ports costing Canadian consumers and exporters approximately $400/container. Canada will be reliant on the US for export and import of goods, which will cost businesses.

“Without adequate investment in important infrastructure endeavors such as the RBT2 project, Canada will be left behind in regard to economic growth and trading capacity. Not only will the regional communities stand to benefit from the project through increased jobs, improved infrastructure around the project area, and greater taxes generated via job creation, the country will benefit from enhanced goods delivery and increased capacity.”

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