TRANSPORTATION NEWS: Surrey Board of Trade Applauds Recommendations in BC’s New Active Transportation Strategy

The Surrey Board of Trade applauds the BC Government on their new Active Transportation Strategy called: Move. Commute. Connect.

The Surrey Board of Trade submitted a response during a stakeholder engagement period regarding Active Transportation based on feedback from its membership and its Transportation Team, providing ideas and perspectives on the following:

1.     What active transportation means

2.     Active transportation modes

3.     Concerns about active transportation

4.     Unique challenges/opportunities to implement enhanced active transportation infrastructure

The Surrey Board of Trade submission is here:

In summary the Surrey Board of Trade feedback was:

·       Better real-time data for bus arrival and departure

·       Enhancing safety along roadways/highways for bike use

·       Improving roads to allow for enhanced walkability

·       Planning communities so that people can work closer to home

·       Improve awareness for the capability of utilizing biking, walking, and transit to commute

·       Provide incentives for people to purchase bicycles

“We need purpose-built communities where citizens can travel to their workplace efficiently and effectively,” said Anita Huberman, Surrey Board of Trade CEO. “Our members outlined their frustration with traffic congestion, and the need for viable public transportation modes that would enhance livability within Surrey.”

The new strategy released today reflects some of the Surrey Board of Trade’s ideas and perspectives on active transportation:

·       reviewing the Motor Vehicle Act to address the definition of road users, to include emerging active transportation modes, such as electric bikes, scooters and skateboards;

·       expanding the existing BikeBC grant program so communities can build safe, active transportation networks and connections that include all active travel choices;

·       working with ICBC to develop educational material that focuses on the rights and responsibilities for all road users, to increase safety and reduce serious injuries;

·       encouraging more end-of-trip support facilities and other infrastructure to make active transportation easier and more convenient for commuters;

·       making the new Active Transportation Design Guide available to local governments, helping communities to consistently use best practices when planning their infrastructure;

·       working with partners to reduce serious injuries and eliminate fatalities by encouraging adoption of Vision Zero principles outlined in the B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit;

·       aligning provincial policies, programs and funding to support the growth of active transportation, and to make it more accessible for people of all ages and abilities, no matter where they live; and,

·       working with local governments, communities and Indigenous groups to support local and regional network planning to connect communities and advance active transportation.

For more information about Move. Commute. Connect. click here:


Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade