Monthly archive for August 2019

Thousands of K-12 students in Surrey will again be learning in portables for the 2019-2020 school season and the foreseeable future. 28 new portables will be brought in for the beginning of the school year, bringing the total to 361 portables. The historical anticipated enrolment in September is typically higher than estimated so the number of portables listed may

Jagmeet SinghOfficial portrait / Portrait officielOttawa, Ontario, on 26 March, 2019.© HOC-CDCCredit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo ServicesThe Surrey Board of Trade, as a city building business organization, continues their Business Town Hall Series for the 43rd Federal Election with leaders of the primary political parties.The third Town Hall

In partnership with Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, the Surrey Board of Trade will host a national Energy Week event. This event will discuss the roles Canadian energy products play in the global economy and meeting growing global energy needs. Energy Week, which will be highlighted by a series of events across the country, is

The Surrey Board of Trade’s leadership work in government advocacy has been recognized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, specifically through the utilization of their unique event program, entitled the ‘Surrey Hot Topic Dialogue Series’.“The Surrey Board of Trade is thrilled that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has recognized the leadership work of the…

Today, the Canadian Government announced the creation of a new marine protected area near Arctic Bay — an Inuit hamlet on the northwest corner of Baffin Island.The Canadian Government also needs to focus on arctic economic opportunities specifically their  infrastructure needs and its economic potential for Canadian businesses.  Today, the Surrey Board of Trade