Surrey Board of Trade Named Finalist for Canadian Chamber of Commerce Award

The Surrey Board of Trade’s leadership work in government advocacy has been recognized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, specifically through the utilization of their unique event program, entitled the ‘Surrey Hot Topic Dialogue Series’.

“The Surrey Board of Trade is thrilled that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has recognized the leadership work of the Surrey Board of Trade,” said Anita Huberman, Surrey Board of Trade CEO. “The Surrey Board of Trade plays a key role in being leadership oriented in educating, shaping awareness and mobilizing opinion on the most pressing issues of the day that businesses care about to instigate action.”

The finalists, in alphabetical order, that will be presenting at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention in Saint John, New Brunswick on September 21, 2019, where a winner will be identified, are

1.     One submission/four chambers: Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce and Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce

2.     Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

3.     Surrey Board of Trade

There are 450 chambers of commerce/boards of trade in Canada.

Since 2014, the Surrey Board of Trade, as a city building business organization, continues their Surrey Hot Topic Dialogue Series. The Surrey Board of Trade offers this forum for members and stakeholders to discuss diverse perspectives on various topics to enhance the understanding of different hot topic issues that impact business sustainability, business attraction, and livability.

The Surrey Hot Topic Dialogue Series is designed to focus on issues that are timely, relevant and impactful to Surrey Board of Trade members and Surrey’s business community. Panels of high-level experts provide context and pose solutions to help business and community leaders plan through challenges for a better outcome. The Surrey Hot Topic Dialogue Series contributes ideas and perspectives to the Surrey Board of Trade’s advocacy agenda. The Surrey Board of Trade seeks input from panelists and the audience on policy options that would have better outcomes for Surrey.

Previous topics have included trade, development, mobility pricing, childcare, marijuana, energy, cybercrime, making Surrey a music city, NAFTA, CETA, education & talent attraction, proportional representation, cannabis, ride-sharing services, gas prices, Surrey’s police transition, cybercrime, and developing the Fraser River waterfront.