Surrey Board of Trade Members Call for Visionary Transportation Services in Transport 2050 Consultation

TransLink is leading the development of a new Regional Transportation Strategy, called Transport 2050. At the same time, Metro Vancouver is developing Metro 2050, an updated regional growth strategy. Together, these strategies will shape our region and economic development over the next 30 years.

The Surrey Board of Trade surveyed their membership for input on what their transportation priorities, and ideas for future transportation modes and methods.

The Surrey Board of Trade concludes that Surrey’s business community, as well as local, provincial and federal governments have much to gain from implementing a transportation strategy that focuses on innovation, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an improved road network layout. In addition to greater usage of the public transportation system, congestion will be decreased as a result of enhanced public transportation modes, road network efficiencies, improved access, and new transportation methods/technologies.

Surrey needs improved public transportation infrastructure that is:

Incorporates various transportation methods and modes (car, bike, rail, walking, ridesharing/taxi)
Has potential for future growth

“Any transportation plan that is to take place must be fully planned and funded – having plans change after being approved delays economic development. We thank TransLink for considering the Surrey Board of Trade’s input for the Transport 2050 strategy.”


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