Ridesharing Could be Further Delayed in BC

The Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) has sent a letter to ridesharing applicants warning them to expect delays in their application being processed. The delays are happening because of a judicial review launched by the taxi industry. The PTB has also modified the application process to give further disclosure to applicants in order to provide transparency.

Part of the process will now include applicants receiving redacted versions of all the application packages minus sensitive, competitive information. This is an example of the Passenger Transportation Board moving the goal posts after applications were already submitted by companies like Uber and Lyft.

Global News:

“Surrey needs ridesharing,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Surrey needs transportation options in the face of continued delays for transit infrastructure.”

“The Surrey Board of Trade has also advocated for a level playing field for the taxi industry. Both industries can thrive together. Why must the implementation of ridesharing be so difficult. We’ve been waiting for the past 10 years. How can we attract business to Surrey, to our region, when we are the last urban jurisdiction that is without ridesharing as a transportation option?”

We are disappointed to see another delay in this long road toward ridesharing.  Beyond the difficulties imposed by some municipalities in Metro Vancouver on additional fees, this latest hurdle will delay the launch of ridesharing to the end of the year or even into 2020.