Surrey Board of Trade Says BC’s Accessibility Legislation Needs to Work with Business

SURREY, BC – The Surrey Board of Trade provided input by the BC Government’s November 29th deadline into a new framework for accessibility legislation. Currently, BC does not have comprehensive legislation to help identify, remove, and prevent barriers experienced by persons with disabilities. Nearly every Canadian will face a challenge to their accessibility at some point in their lifetime.

Through a Surrey Board of Trade survey and committee input, there was overwhelming support for the legislation, denoting that an accessibility framework would enhance the economy, especially given ongoing labour and skill shortage challenges for the business community.

“There is overwhelming support for the proposed accessibility framework,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “The accessibility framework would be beneficial to the economy in the long run by allowing full employment and improving standards across the board. Not only can there be solutions to help minimize skills shortage, but there will be increased economic activity, making Canadian businesses architecturally, physically, technologically and attitudinally accessible. After making reasonable accommodations, business owners will also find that they can recruit from a new pool of highly skilled workers.”

Adults at the age of 65 and older outnumbered children in Canada for the first time in 2018, a clear illustration of our country’s aging population. Statistics Canada further predicts that by the year 2031, one in every four Canadians will fall into the 65-plus demographic. Although their mobility may be limited, seniors want to stay active and engaged in their golden years and they often have monetary resources to spend on these endeavours.

“Consider the lucrative small-business opportunities this could present for savvy entrepreneurs. Simply integrating accessibility into a business plan could help engage a loyal customer base.”

The Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT), a not-for-profit organization with a membership of over 6,000 business contacts and nearly 3,000 businesses, supports business and attracts business. Our role is to enhance economic opportunities. The Surrey Board of Trade contributes to city-building initiatives that enhance livability in the region.


The full report can be viewed HERE.

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