PATTULLO BRIDGE NEWS: BC Government Hires Pattullo Bridge Construction Team, but Surrey Board of Trade Says Not Too Late to Build and Open a 6-Lane Bridge

Today, a formal announcement was made by the BC Government indicating that a team has been chosen to build the new Pattullo Bridge. Construction will begin in the coming months. The new bridge is scheduled to open in fall 2023.

The Fraser Crossing Partners team that will build the new Pattullo Bridge, consists of:

Acciona Construccion S.A.;
Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc.;
Aecon Group Inc.;
Aecon Constructors, a division of Aecon Construction Group Inc.;
Leonhardt, Andra und Partner Beratende Ingenieure VBI AG;
Hatch Corporation; and
EXP Services Inc.

“It is not too late though to build and open the bridge in 2023 with 6 lanes,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“We need to build transportation infrastructure for future population growth. By 2050, an additional 1.3 million people are expected to move into the Metro Vancouver region.”

“The Pattullo Bridge is only one part of transit and transportation options that are desperately needed in Surrey, and in the South Fraser Economic Region.”

“The Surrey Board of Trade will continue to support the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in ensuring that the construction of a new bridge aligns with the needs of businesses and provides an avenue to grow Surrey’s economy.”

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