The Surrey Board of Trade wrote to Surrey’s MPs urging them to take action on the blockades happening across the country. Canada’s economy and global image are in jeopardy if nothing is done. In the Surrey Board of Trade, and within Surrey, we have the greatest number of manufacturer’s in B.C. They ship goods on rail across our great country. This severely impacts not only their bottom line but also for all businesses.

We urged the Federal Government to work with Provinces and law enforcement agencies to bring an end to the ongoing disruption of public services. In addition to preventing access to public transportation for tens of thousands of individual Canadians, these disruptions severely limit the movement of perishable foods and other consumer items, grain, construction materials and propane throughout Canada. We are deeply concerned about the damage to the Canadian economy, the unfair denial of access to transportation services for Canadian citizens, and the undermining of the rule of law.

These illegal blockades, which also affect the movement of natural resources like timber, aluminum, coal and oil, will take an increasing toll if the government does not act decisively to restore order. Factories and mines may soon face difficult decisions about their ability to continue operations, and the damage to Canadian supply chains will extend beyond our borders and harm our reputation as a stable partner in international trade.

A rail disruption of this magnitude constitutes an emergency for the Canadian economy.

We need our members’ support. Write and email your local MPs, call their offices, and urge them to take action.