Surrey Board of Trade Says Focus on Tax Competitiveness Measures Needed in BC Throne Speech 2020

The Surrey Board of Trade knows that today’s Throne Speech by the BC Government sets out general policy priorities and that the BC Budget, to be presented on February 18, will set out how the government plans to pay for that agenda and any revenue-generating opportunities that are possible.

“The 2020 BC Government Throne Speech highlighted many of the economic priorities that the Surrey Board of Trade advocates for including transportation (George Massey Project specifically highlighted), housing, child care, education and investments in technology,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“The Surrey Board of Trade did not hear any items related to improving tax competitiveness for business, such as addressing Employer Health Tax issues or red tape reduction. We look forward to hearing specific details next week.”

The Surrey Board of Trade further observed that there will be a transition from a 3 year to 5 year transportation capital plan to improve transportation options.

The Throne Speech articulated improvements to competitiveness via the emerging economic task force in order to keep BC at the forefront of emerging economic opportunities. This is vital for BC to remain a strong global competitor, and especially important for Surrey as BC’s largest manufacturing hub.

The plastics action plan to be implemented in 2020 will be monitored closely by the Surrey Board of Trade. We hope that the BC Government works with and consults the business community in the development and implementation of the plan.

Art and culture investments and transportation infrastructure investments for Surrey will also be closely monitored by the Surrey Board of Trade in next week’s 2020 BC budget presentation.

The Surrey Board of Trade is committed to making Surrey an opportunity city by instigating change at all levels of government, to support and attract business.