Anita — Business Updates on COVID-19 — April 24

Thank you for your continued support of the Surrey Board of Trade, Surrey’s city-building business organization. Some updates for you below:

1. RENT RELIEF FOR BUSINESS: Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program (CECRA) will be managed by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation –operational mid-May ca/releases/2020FIN0024-000754
Commercial property owners will be able to lower the rents of their small business tenants payable for the months of April and May, retroactively, and for June. The Surrey Board of Trade realizes that this is delayed and that there are some challenges with this measure. We are advocating for expediency on all measures to help business and to bring in programs that will reduce debt burdens.

2. WAGE SUBSIDY: 75% emergency wage subsidy will open April 27 revenue-agency/services/ subsidy/emergency-wage- subsidy/cews-how-apply.html

3. WORKERS: B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers – open May 1
The B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers will provide a tax-free, one-time $1,000 payment for B.C. residents whose ability to work has been affected due to COVID-19. content/employment-business/ covid-19-financial-supports/ emergency-benefit-workers

4. HEALTH: As part of your Chambers Plan insurance coverage, you receive free 24/7 access to Canadian-licensed physicians from home.
https://www.chamberplan. ca/uploads/document/ch_ teladoctips_0320_e. t1585846183.pdf

5. FUNDING FOR TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIVE COMPANIES-open now: small and medium sized businesses pursuing technology-driven innovation who have been unable to secure funding under the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy are eligible and can apply for financial assistance. $250 million is available in funding for the Innovation Assistance Program (IAP) available. support-technology-innovation/ nrc-irap-innovation- assistance-program-iap?utm_ campaign=IRAP_funding_program& utm_medium=link_to_program_ page_e&utm_source=home_page_e

6. CYBER HYGIENE: en/guidance/cyber-hygiene- covid-19

7. WHERE TO STARThttps:// policy/emergency-preparedness/

8. YOUR BUSINESS SUPPORT TEAM: For assistance at any time, please reach out to your choice of a Surrey Board of Trade Team member below:
Anita Huberman, CEO –
Indra Bhan, COO – ( speaks Hindi)
Moiez Babar, Business Development & Member Relations – ( speaks Hindi)
Jasroop Gosal, Policy Coordinator –  (speaks Punjabi)
John Lim, Business Development Coordinator – (speaks Korean)
Melissa Peel, Business & International Trade Manager –  (speaks French)
Heather Booth, Events & Communications Manager –
Rhona Doria, Events & Sponsorship Coordinator – (speaks Tagalog)
Mirdula Babu, Administrative Specialist – (speaks Hindi)

The Surrey Board of Trade is here for you.

-Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade