Surrey Board of Trade Releases Economic Policy to Support Vaccine Fund Led by Federal Government

The challenges in creating a vaccine and treatment program has been made apparent by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has compromised our global economy.

“The Surrey Board of Trade composed a policy to support the Federal Government’s investment into a global vaccine fund. Businesses want a vaccine as well as ongoing virus research to help mitigate the economic impact of a virus,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged all world leaders to pull together in the global fight for a vaccine for COVID-19 during an online pledging marathon on May 4th. World leaders are holding the event to raise at least $7.5 billion euros ($11.6 billion Cdn) for research into a possible vaccine and treatments for the coronavirus. In early May, Prime Minister Trudeau indicated a pledge of $850 million to the global fund, which will go toward diagnostics, treatments and vaccines.

“An equitable, affordable, accessible vaccine distribution infrastructure is also necessary.”

Canada has an existing advantage in vaccine manufacturing that could be leveraged to supply the world with a vaccine to unprecedented viruses such as COVID-19. Many scientists posit that this is not the last pandemic we will face, and a resurgence of COVID-19 will occur in the Fall.

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