The Surrey Board of Trade will continue to instigate change for business through government advocacy by asking for support of their policies by their peers at the annual convention of the BC Chamber of Commerce this weekend, to be done virtually, on May 22-23, 2020.

Watch for news and details on Surrey Board of Trade policies as they are released this Friday and Saturday. BC Premier Horgan, BC Finance Minister James and Canada’s Small Business and Export Promotion Minister Mary Ng are among the keynote speakers.

“Even though the Surrey Board of Trade can advocate on its own to the various levels of government, it is always helpful when we receive support of our leadership-oriented
policies by other chambers of commerce and boards of trade,” said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade.

“The BC Chamber of Commerce, as the provincial business organization, will also be advocating on our policy perspectives for us with the provincial government.”

Policies that the Surrey Board of Trade composed for the Provincial Convention are:
1. Can The Future Learn In The South Fraser Region? The Need For More Investments In Post-Secondary Education
2. Committing To Vertical Growth – The Next Phase Of Agricultural Production
3. Adult Education Policy Framework Review
4. Fixing The Gasoline Crisis In BC
5. The Need For Energy Alternatives – Investing In Nuclear Technology
6. Time For A New Pension Paradigm
7. Revitalizing The Fraser River – Unlocking Its True Potential
8. A New Economic Lens For BC Health Care
9. Expanding The Regional Film Tax Credit
10. Improving Economic And Labour Market Performance For Women And Minorities
11. Guidelines For Enforcing Residential Rental Tenure Zoning
12. Universal Building Codes To Create Equitable Economic Opportunity
13. Creating A Level Playing Field For The Taxi Industry
14. Keeping Ports Connected
15. Blockchain Technology Strategy
16. Creating A Level Playing Field For Canadian Broadcasters In A Digital Age
17. The Importance Of Tourism To The Canadian Economy
18. Protecting Canada’s Arctic Interests – Canada’s Losing Battle
19. The Cure To Congestion – The Need For Reliable Transportation Funding.
20. Global Research Fund for Vaccines
21. The Business Case For Universal Basic Income
22. Ridesharing – Eliminating Red Tape For Drivers-updated
23. A Focus On Refugees-updated
24. A Focus On Youth Entrepreneurship-updated
25. Countering Costly Cybercrimes-updated
26. Manufacturing – A Skilled Workforce-updated
27. Transitioning Workers To Full Employment-updated

Other co-sponsored resolutions with other Chambers of Commerce/Boards of Trade
1. Early Childhood Education: Untapped Economic Output
2. Helping BC Employers Attract And Retain Employees By Increasing BC PNP Yearly Nomination Allocation
3. Expediting The George Massey Crossing Project
4. East-West Connector Between Abbotsford Airport & Highway 99
5. Get BC Business Moving Again
6. Improving Capital Raising Exemptions For BC Co-Operatives

For the full policy resolution book: https:// content/uploads/2020/05/2020- Proposed-Resolutions-Manual- revised-202005112.pdf