Anita — SURREY BUSINESS UPDATE from Surrey Board of Trade CEO — June 17

Thank you for your continued support of the Surrey Board of Trade, Surrey’s city-building business organization. I want you to know that with our continued participation as 1 of 9 organizations that forms the Premier’s Economic Recovery Task Force, we offer a unique benefit of resources/knowledge/connection s to help your business and organization during the pandemic and after the pandemic.
Some updates for you:

with BC Premier John Horgan 25-2020-surrey-economic- recovery-summit-11112

2. CANADA EMERGENCY RESPONSE BENEFIT (CERB): Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced an 8-week extension of the CERB. en/department-finance/news/ 2020/06/more-small-businesses- can-soon-access-the-canada-eme rgency-business-account.html

3. CANADA EMERGENCY BUSINESS ACCOUNT (CEBA): As of Friday, June 19, applications will be accepted so that more small businesses can access the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA). This means that owner-operated small businesses that had been ineligible for the program due to their lack of payroll, sole proprietors receiving business income directly, as well as family-owned corporations remunerating in the form of dividends rather than payroll will become eligible this week.

4. TEMPORARY LAY-OFF PROVISION ADVOCACY by Surrey Board of Trade – Employment Standards Act pcontent/uploads/2020/06/Lette r_PJH_ESA_Temporary_Layoff_ Extension_FINAL_June_5_2020_ FINAL_2-003.pdf

5. WORKERS COMPENSATION ACT ADVOCACY by Surrey Board of Trade – Adding Diseases Caused by Communicable Viral Pathogens – https://businessinsurrey. com/wp-content/uploads/2020/ 06/200610-WorkSafeBC-Letter- re-Covid-19.pdf

6. SURREY INFRASTRUCTURE CUTS AND SURREY CITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION ELIMINATION https:// surrey-board-of-trade-concerne d-about-surrey-infrastructure- cuts-and-scdc-elimination/

7. TEMPORARY PATIO FEES https://businessinsurrey. com/2020/06/surrey-economic-re covery-coalition-adds-to-call- of-waiving-temporary-patio- fees-for-local-businesses/

8. SURREY SCHOOL INVESTMENTS https:// surrey-board-of-trade-applauds -bc-government-in-further- surrey-school-investments/

9. ANTI-RACISM https:// anti-racism-call-to-action-by- surrey-board-of-trade/

10. COMMERCIAL RENT RELIEF PROGRAM https://businessinsurr of-trade-wants-changes-to- commercial-rent-relief- program/

11. CYBER HYGIENE en/guidance/cyber-hygiene- covid-19

12. SURREY TOWN HALL RECORDING LIBRARY FOR BUSINESS: https:// free-covid-19-webinars/

13. SURREY PPE SUPPLIER HUB: https://businessinsurrey. com/business/ppe/

14. YOUR BUSINESS SUPPORT TEAM: For assistance at any time, please reach out to your choice of a Surrey Board of Trade Team member below:
Anita Huberman, CEO –
Indra Bhan, COO – (speaks Hindi)
Moiez Babar, Business Development & Member Relations – (speaks Hindi)
Jasroop Gosal, Policy Coordinator – (speaks Punjabi)
John Lim, Business Development Coordinator – (speaks Korean)
Melissa Peel, Business & International Trade Manager – (speaks French)
Heather Booth, Events & Communications Manager –
Rhona Doria, Events & Sponsorship Coordinator – (speaks Tagalog)
Mirdula Babu, Administrative Specialist – (speaks Hindi)

The Surrey Board of Trade is here for you.