Taxi Industry Needs Boundary Elimination, not only Licence Fee Reductions for Survival

The BC Government reduced the annual renewal fees for commercial operators who hold a Passenger Directed Vehicle Authorization for taxi and limousine operators. The fees were reduced from $100 per vehicle with no overall fee cap to $50 per vehicle with a fee cap of $5,000.

“This relief is welcomed by our taxi industry members,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “But what is needed – and what we have been asking for many months now – is the needed focus on removing archaic government red tape which forces taxis to drive back empty (deadhead) after dropping off passengers in neighbouring municipalities. Deadheading leads to inefficient use of taxi fleets, increased congestion, GHG emissions, higher costs, longer wait times for passengers and lower-income for drivers.”

Earlier this year, the Surrey Board of Trade issued a call to action to the BC Government to allow the 2,500 taxis in Metro Vancouver to pick-up and drop-off anywhere in the Lower Mainland to serve the public better.

“There is still more that the government can do to enhance our transportation options, reduce emissions, and improve economic outcomes for our province. The taxi industry is an important part of BC’s economy. We continue to ask BC Transportation Minister Claire Trevena to instruct the Passenger Transportation Board to eliminate boundaries for these 2,500 taxis in Metro Vancouver to improve economic activity.”

Surrey Board of Trade Advocacy for Taxi Industry:

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