Blockchain Strategy and Innovation Not Supported by Canadian Chamber of Commerce Delegates

The Surrey Board of Trade composed a federal government policy to focus on a blockchain innovation strategy at this week’s Digital Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention. This policy was not approved during the Canadian Chamber policy session as a priority that the federal government must address. This is really disappointing.

“What we have learned in this pandemic is that we are behind in digital innovation,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. Blockchain used around the world is leaving Canada behind in the exchange of information revolutionizing global trade.”

Blockchain is a distributed ledger in which anything of value can be stored, ranging from money, stocks, bonds and intellectual property, to votes, art, music, loyalty points, carbon credits, health-care records and student accomplishments.

The Federal Government needs to implement a blockchain economic strategy by:

  1. Setting up a national commission, with representatives of government, financial institutions, the research community, technology entrepreneurs, civil society and, consumers that would develop concrete recommendations to enable Canada to achieve a leadership role in imminent blockchain revolution;
  2. Stimulating R&D through blockchain-based flow-through shares that would track all investments in real- time in R&D to ensure all tax benefits go directly into innovation;
  3. Creating Blockchain Research Institute, to unlock the potential of blockchain across industries and also within the functions of organizations that has visibility and action across Canada;
  4. Creating a Blockchain Centre of Excellence where blockchain-related businesses can cluster and innovate;
  5. Adopting the technology to transform its own governmental operations – federal, provincial and local;
  6. Expanding access and information exchanges with the United States; and,
  7. Ensuring educational and cultural norms conducive of innovation.

The Surrey Board of Trade authored this policy. The policy did not pass the approval process through the policy debates at this year’s Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

“The Surrey Board of Trade will take this policy forward on our own to the federal government.”


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For further details, please contact:

Anita Huberman, CEO
D: 604.634.0342
C: 604.340.3899