Congestion Not Considered a Federal Issue by Canadian Chamber of Commerce Delegates

The Surrey Board of Trade composed a policy that would create reliable transportation funding at this week’s Digital Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention. This policy was defeated during the Canadian Chamber policy session as a priority that the federal government must address, stating concerns that congestion is a municipal issue or that congestion was already being addressed by other Canadian Chamber of Commerce reports.

“A formal approved policy by all Canadian Chamber of Commerce delegates is what was needed,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Finding solutions to address congestion is a federal issue. Reliable funding for major transportation projects is needed. The outcome at this national convention was very disappointing.”

Efficient transportation and quality education are the foundations of economic growth and business innovation. Without either, Canada will not be able to thrive in a globally competitive free market. The unreliability of transportation funding, increasing population, and congestion will lead to lower economic growth and stall economic growth.

That the Federal Government:
1. Establish a permanent Federal Congestion Relief Fund that provides:
a. Reliable, predictable funding over a minimum 10-year term; and,
b. Funding for a study of the best technology implementation to relieve congestion.

“The Surrey Board of Trade will take this policy forward without the support from our peers from across the country on behalf of business.”


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For further details, please contact:

Anita Huberman, CEO
D: 604.634.0342
C: 604.340.3899