Federal Government Needs to Focus on Canada’s Arctic Says Surrey Board of Trade

The Surrey Board of Trade composed a policy in partnership with the Northwest Territories Chamber of Commerce, requesting for greater support and investment in the Canadian Arctic region at this week’s Digital Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention. This policy was approved during the Canadian Chamber policy debates as a priority that the federal government must address.

“There needs to be an economic strategy for Canada’s,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

Canadian Arctic infrastructure, including roads, housing, ports, fibre optic cable, and other necessary components of an effective economy have been underdeveloped. The Canadian national discourse about its own North and the significant infrastructure deficit that persists needs to be discussed in the context of the environmental, cultural and economic value that the North has to offer.

“The Surrey Board of Trade led the charge on this policy because Surrey has the greatest number of manufacturers in BC – and we wanted to build new economic opportunities for them. An arctic economic strategy means economic opportunities for all Canadians.”

Recognizing the critical importance of indigenous reconciliation, finding ways to encourage the Canadian financial sector to invest in the North would go a very long way in contributing to the Federal Government’s aims of economic reconciliation and towards offering meaningful solutions to enhance and stimulate economic prosperity and sustainability in the North.


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