Surrey Board of Trade Launching Virtual Youth Entrepreneurship Program in High Schools Across Surrey

The Surrey Board of Trade is launching its fourth edition of Project Enterprise, an exciting hands-on program that challenges local students in grades 9-12 to develop social enterprises and discover their ability to be change makers. Supported in Surrey schools by a Community Investment Grant from Coast Capital Savings, the program encourages youth to think outside the box and reimagine business success as a triple bottom line of people, the planet and profits. Its socially conscious focus promotes community awareness while its real-world approach helps students develop an entrepreneurial mindset that is needed in a highly competitive marketplace.

This year, Project Enterprise will provide added emphasis on ideation and mentorship by further engaging the support of local business and philanthropic leaders. In contrast to previous years, it will be conducted in a virtual setting. “Helping young people develop an entrepreneurial mindset is a priority for the Surrey Board of Trade,” says Surrey Board of Trade CEO, Anita Huberman. “One of the greatest benefits of this initiative is the opportunity for students to connect with and be supported by our business members.”

“Project Enterprise is easy to implement in the classroom,” says program coordinator Tiffany Gallaher. “The program aligns with curriculum outcomes for different subjects and can be customized to meet specific teaching goals.” Teachers that have participated in the program in previous years report that applying business and financial concepts in a meaningful real-world context has empowered their students to take ownership of their learning and increased their confidence.

The Surrey Board of Trade is encouraging teachers that have an interest in the program to contact Project Enterprise by phone at 604 538-0832 or by email at

To learn more about the Surrey Board of Trade Youth Entrepreneurship Program, contact the Surrey Board of Trade at