Happy New Year!

As the CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade, now in my 15th year, I wanted to take this time to thank you for your ongoing support and communication with the Surrey Board of Trade: Surrey’s non-partisan, city-building business organization. We are one of the top 10 largest chambers of commerce/boards of trade in Canada, out of 450.

A smooth economic recovery will require continued collaboration between public and private sectors as we continue the COVID-19 pandemic journey in 2021. We must all put our egos aside and focus on advancing opportunities for businesses and organizations. We anticipate many economic successes this year, but there will be challenges – especially for those that are the hardest hit industries in the pandemic. Surrey’s economy is doing well overall, but we must never lose sight of those that are not doing well because everyone matters, and everyone deserves a voice.

We face 2021 with:
1. A vaccine distribution rollout which will serve as a pathway towards economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic;
2. A new US President that will invoke policies that will impact our agricultural, forestry, and manufacturing industries;
3. Overcoming BC’s other public health emergency – the opoid crisis;
4. The continued work to achieve new standards of economic vitality and livability by developing a range of quality economic, cultural and educational opportunities to move Surrey forward and become one of the nation’s most livable cities;
5. Businesses having the opportunities and supports to succeed (tools, connections, resources for local and international business support; innovation; opportunities for connections; a thriving local, regional and international business climate);
6. Government decision-makers having information on current and emerging issues and research from a business and economic lens; and,
7. Surrey being an opportunity city for businesses (to make Surrey safe, inclusive and affordable and for businesses to access a diverse workforce with relevant skills).

Our marketplace is constantly changing, paradigms are shifting, and economic conditions are dynamic with new demands creating new expectations for proactive and responsive leadership by the Surrey Board of Trade and for you as businesses and organizations. We have been doing it and we will continue to be proactive leaders for Surrey’s economy.

Check out to stay up to date on economic development opportunities, government advocacy (at all government levels), business and international services, and city and business building events.

Happy New Year! The Surrey Board of Trade is here for you.

P.S. I ask you to please send this message to your staff and colleagues because Surrey Matters to them as well.

-Anita Huberman CEO, Surrey Board of Trade