February 15-19, 2021
Celebrating an Industry that Matters to the Economy

In March 2020, the President of the World Health Organization said that it would be the Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce industry that will support business through the pandemic. The Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT) has proven that we are there for business – supporting them in their wide range of needs through our diversified service portfolio. Our fiscal strength, built over my 15-year tenure as CEO, helped support the Surrey Board of Trade in our time of need during the pandemic. When we locked the door on March 17, temporarily closing our office to in-person service, we had no idea what the future held.

The Surrey Board of Trade will continue to be Surrey’s city-building business organization. Our direct connections to the Prime Minister’s office, and our seat as one of 9 organizations on the Premier’s Economic Recovery Task Force, allows us to instigate change at all levels of government to responsibly issue policy change. In 2019, the Surrey Board of Trade delivered Surrey’s first Labour Market Study and Workforce Strategy till 2029. The high-quality results of this led us to receive funding from the BC Government of over $400,000 for a variety of economic recovery projects including creating Canada’s first COVID-19 Playbook for Business.

We address the following:

  1. Can Surrey and the South Fraser Economic Region achieve new standards of economic vitality and livability?
  2. Can we develop the range of quality economic, cultural and educational opportunities for Surrey?
  3. Can we achieve new levels of productivity, commitment, leadership and impact?

The Surrey Board of Trade, with your help, will ensure that:

  1. Businesses have the opportunities and supports to succeed
  2. Government decision-makers have information on economic issues
  3. Surrey is attractive to business

Call to Action for Surrey
The Surrey Board of Trade can accomplish many things, but at the heart of a successful organization is the active participation of its members. We are only as strong as our members. I call upon you to be active by encouraging other businesses to join and be an ambassador for Surrey businesses. Together, our potential is boundless to make Surrey an Opportunity City!

Let’s continue to power up entrepreneurial success in Surrey. Let’s continue to risk, care, dream, expect and expand our networks, locally, nationally and internationally.

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