Surrey Board of Trade Federal Budget Submission Underscores the Need for an Economic Well-Being Budget for Canada

The Canadian Government asked for public input for Budget 2021. The Surrey Board of Trade submission follows the requested theme guidelines by the federal government which include:

1.     Growing the economy;

2.     How to determine whether Canada’s economy is recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic;

3.     COVID-19’s impact on employment and earnings;

4.     General ideas on how the Federal Government can help communities; and,

5.     How to use Canadian innovation to spur new jobs and growth, inclusive recovery, budget priorities, and financial concerns.

“Canada needs an economic well-being budget,” said Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade. “We need a reboot of the economy. Some provinces have fared well in managing COVID-19 and keeping the economy afloat, but we need to focus on economic investments now and in the short term.

“Childcare and housing have come to the fore as critical economic foundations to drive job growth and entrepreneurship. Some initiatives, though, will need to be put on ice if it doesn’t drive economic well-being.

“In order for Surrey’s economy to thrive, it takes all three levels of government to work together to ensure that programs, policies, and taxes are not onerous for business. To that end, we looked to the Federal Budget to reduce red-tape, ensure tax fairness, and to provide funding support for necessary social and transportation infrastructure.

“We appreciate the Federal Government’s invitation to provide input on Budget 2021. By consulting and working with the business community, we can work collaboratively to improve economic indicators to provide a wide range of economic benefits to society.”

Each year, the Surrey Board of Trade provides their input to federal, provincial, regional, school district, and municipal government budgets. The input is based on the needs of the business community in Surrey, and how the budgets can enable greater economic performance.

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