Surrey Board of Trade Calls for Implementation of Canada-US Relations Committee

The United States and Canada have an interconnected, complex, and, at times, strained relationship. The last 4 years have shown how quickly communication can break down, and the economic toll such a break down can have. While there was hope that the next four to eight years will be amicable, the recent flurry of executive orders has shown that Canada-US relations will likely remain strained as Canadian interests are jeopardized. The Federal and Provincial Governments must create a Canada-US Relations Committee to protect BC and Canadian interests from plans made by the United States.

“The Federal Government, in coordination with Provinces and Territories, need to create a Canada-US Relations Committee to implement an economic recovery plan that recognizes the integration of the North American economy,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Opening the border is not about just flipping a switch. A structured plan is needed in partnership with the private sector.”

Canada must assess its relationship with their southern neighbours. Canada needs to understand where its priorities lie, and how impactful US policy will be to Canada’s interests.

The Canada-US Relations Committee could carry out many duties because the relationship with the US is complex and interconnected on many levels. On the COVID-19 front, the Committee would need to investigate what the government is doing with the US to procure a steady stream of COVID-19 vaccines. It would also need to report on what is being done in advance of borders reopening. Additionally, Buy American orders by President Biden are a cause for concern. The Committee would need to apprise government and the public on how this will impact Canadian industries, trade access, and Canadian jobs.



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