Surrey Board of Trade Comments on Surrey School Budget

Each year, as part of Surrey Schools’ annual budget process, the Surrey Board of Education seeks input from the community on budget priorities for the next school year.

“The Surrey Board of Trade believes that transportation and education are the foundations of an economy,” stated Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Without those two assets, we will not be able to provide a standard of living that will attract business and develop the economy.”

The pandemic of 2020 resulted in school shutdowns across the world. This impacted learning, extracurricular activities, sports, social development, and parents. Our public education system was not built, nor prepared, to cope with a situation like this. We lacked the structures to sustain effective teaching and learning during the shutdown and to provide the safety net supports that many children received in school. Districts, teachers and support staff showed great innovation during the pandemic to ensure that students were able to continue their learning in modified ways.

Key budget recommendations from the Surrey Board of Trade include:

  • Implementing a special growth fund;
  • Expanding schools that are at capacity;
  • Partnering with organizations that can educate students on career paths;
  • Funding for elementary and secondary ESL teachers in partnership with the BC Government, and field technicians for outdoor learning programs;
  • Funding a Tutors in the Classroom program;
  • Establishing a technology baseline program for all schools that is equitable for all students and sustainable for all stakeholders;
  • Making investments to improve air quality and ventilation in schools, support online learning, promote student mental health and hire additional staff; and,
  • Consider targeted asymptomatic testing for students and staff.

The majority of the district’s budget is pre-allocated to operating and capital costs (school construction, additions, seismic upgrades, portables, teachers, educational assistants, programs/services and supplies). There is some room to address priorities identified by the community. This can include anything from funding scholarships to classroom enhancement funds to programs and new social initiatives.

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