‘SAY YES TO VACCINATION’ Campaign Launched by Surrey Board of Trade

While the choice to get vaccinated is ultimately up to individuals, the ‘SAY YES TO VACCINATION’ Campaign is an encouragement campaign to equip businesses to play their part to get Surrey and surrounding communities to herd immunity.

“The focus is to encourage Surrey residents and workers to get vaccinated as it is the only solution to open all business and have the events that enhance the livability of Surrey,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “The Surrey Board of Trade’s Rapid Response Pandemic Business Centre has a variety of vaccination 101 information, vaccine distribution, business tips and how to talk to employees.”



As employers and providers of goods and services to the general public, businesses have a critical role to play in getting Canadians vaccinated, which will ultimately create the conditions for the relaxation of public health restrictions currently in place.

Given the overwhelming volume of information available on vaccines, this campaign and the Rapid Response Pandemic Business Centre provides companies of all sizes with a single focal point for the information they need to know as employers and the resources they can use to reassure and encourage their employees to get vaccinated.

“The Surrey Board of Trade will send this campaign out consistently through social media and through its network of contacts.”