BC GOVERNMENT POLICY ACTION: Surrey Board of Trade Seeks Support on BC Government Policies at BC Chamber Convention – May 28-29

The Surrey Board of Trade will continue to instigate change through government advocacy by asking for support of their policies by their peers at the annual convention of the BC Chamber of Commerce from May 28-29, 2021.

Watch for news and details on Surrey Board of Trade policies as they are released.

“Even though the Surrey Board of Trade can advocate on its own to the various levels of government, it is always helpful when we receive support of our leadership-oriented policies by other chambers of commerce and boards of trade,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“The BC Chamber of Commerce, as the provincial business organization, will also be advocating on our policy perspectives for us with the BC government.”

Policies that the Surrey Board of Trade wrote for the 2021 convention are:

  1. The Renewed Business Case for Universal Basic Income
  2. Use Existing Trade Laws to Benefit Canada’s Interests
  3. Plastic Drinking Bottles – How to Increase P.E.T. Plastic Recycling
  4. Electric Charging Solutions and Partnerships Needed
  5. Lobbying Act 2020: Implications for Non-Profits, Smaller Organizations and Chambers Boards of Trade (2019)
  6. Using Property Tax Reform to Support Agriculture Production (2018)
  7. Protecting the National Economy by Managing the Lower Fraser River
  8. Creating Businesses and Jobs with The Blue Economy
  9. Work from Home Here to Stay – CRA Needs to Make the T2200 Short Form Permanent
  10. The Need for a Strategic BC Investment Fund
  11. Mapping Canada’s Training Programs to Skills and Jobs
  12. Resource Industries – A Critical Ingredient in the Post-Pandemic Recipe
  13. Universal Pharmacare Is Good for Business
  14. Veterans – An Asset to Any Workforce
  15. Canada-US Relations Committee Needs Business Consultation
  16. A Need for A Long-Term Strategy for the Air Transportation Industry
  17. Adding Fitness Credits as Medical Expenses on Tax Returns
  18. Business Interruption Insurance – An Opportunity to Amend The insurance act for the 21st Century
  19. Carbon Emissions: Improving Global Efforts Through Provincial Collaboration
  20. Creating a Level Playing Field for Canadian Broadcasters in a Digital Age
  21. Cybersecurity and Healthcare
  22. Enabling Net-Zero Goals Through Offsets and Innovation
  23. Improving Canada’s Cannabis Regulatory Environment to Achieve Policy Goals
  24. Decriminalize and Regulate Non-Medical Use of All Drugs
  25. Minimum Wage Tied to CPI
  26. Solving the Green Infrastructure Network Compliance Bottleneck
  27. The Need for A National Supply Chain Strategy

The co-sponsored resolution with other chambers of commerce/boards of trade is:

28.  Blueprint for Local Government Success.

29.  BC Implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

30.  Natural Assets: Giving a Dollar Value to Forests, Green Spaces and Wetlands on Government Finance Reports

31.  Transportation Demand Management Solutions for BC’s Industrial Areas & Business Parks


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