Doctor Grassroots Campaign Begins for an ‘All of Surrey’ Vaccine Call to BC Government

Today, the Surrey Board of Trade and a grassroots movement, organized by Dr. Randeep S. Gill, Dr. James Handel, Dr. David Chong, Dr. Kaleena Patel, Dr. Sukh Dhiman and Dr. Bill West, was launched encouraging everyone in Surrey to sign a petition urging the BC Government to take action on immunization prioritization for Surrey and vaccination accessibility to everyone aged 12 and over. for-immediate-sweeping- community-wide-vaccinations- in-surrey-for-everyone-18

“I am an Emergency Medicine Physician working and living in Surrey. In my role as a resident and physician, I’m pleading with the Provincial government to IMMEDIATELY implement the proven strategies of rapid sweeping community-wide vaccinations in Surrey for everyone 18 and older,” said Dr. Randeep Gill.

“Young people are not only getting infected and transmitting the virus but they are also dying from it. I cannot put into words how difficult it is to put a young — otherwise healthy — person on a ventilator, struggling to breathe because they are infected by COVID. Then to pick up the phone, call their spouse only to hear their kids coughing in the background.”

“Now that vaccine supplies are readily available, we need to make vaccinations available for all immediately. The call to action is now — if you answer it, I am convinced this will be a life-saving strategy.”

“As part of the Surrey Board of Trade’s SAY YES TO VACCINATION CAMPAIGN, immunization prioritization should not only take place within specific areas in Surrey, but should take place in all of Surrey. The community-specific approach causes unnecessary confusion and only hampers the vaccination process,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “We need the whole community to be immunized to ensure economic recovery and prevent business closures.”

“We know that Surrey has seen the highest rates of transmission of COVID-19 cases. Creative solutions are needed to ensure that all Surrey residents who want a vaccine, are registered, and are vaccinated. We live in a very diverse city, with over 104 different spoken languages. Having our diverse population be educated on vaccination and on how to get a vaccination will help Surrey’s and BC’s economic recovery. Let’s get it done!”

“The BC Government needs to help Surrey in our time of need.”



Dr. Randeep Gill: 604-767-3004

Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade: 604-340-3899