Today’s BC Economic Recovery Plan Offers Hope, Ongoing Timely Communication to Businesses Needed

The Surrey Board of Trade Rapid Response Pandemic Business Centre was pleased to hear about today’s BC Government economic re-opening plan.

“The gradual approach is to ensure that COVID-19 cases and its variants are being monitored,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “We need to ensure that the majority of British Columbian’s, who are eligible for vaccination, are vaccinated – that is the only way to reach step 4 of the plan.”

“The key moving forward is to have consistent and timely communication to businesses and organizations so that they can update their health and safety plans and prepare for the staff and supplies that they need. Every step should have an announcement with significant lead time.”

The Surrey Board of Trade has members that are also keenly interested in the border and international travel re-opening plans which are under the purview of the federal government – but which must be done in concert with private sector consultation and provincial/territorial governments.