A Canada Day Message from the Surrey Board of Trade

Dear Members and Stakeholders:

The world was a different place this time last year, on the eve of Canada Day. We were in the thick of the pandemic, with businesses across Canada shuttered and no vaccines in sight. Thank you for your leadership as business owners, employees, experts and stakeholders, and to the community for their generosity. The Surrey Board of Trade was at ground zero with our unique connections and initiatives to ensure results and help our diverse industry sectors in Surrey. Never before was healthcare, business and government so intricately linked.

12 months later, the re-opening is underway and the pace of vaccination has ramped up. All of us have overcome so much but our work continues as we face new opportunities and challenges in our economy – locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.

On this Canada Day, I think of this as a day to reflect on Canada’s history. I believe reconciliation is bringing two groups together. Canadians want to be with First Nations on Canada Day to continue our collective reflection, mourning and healing to move forward together. For 6 years, I served as a Trustee of Canada’s National Film Board (NFB). The NFB has composed some content on Residential Schools that I ask you to watch on their NFB channel.

I hope you have a safe and happy Canada Day.