Unfortunately we have an unexpected increase in property taxes for businesses.

You will be charged a 5% penalty if you do not pay your property taxes by midnight, July 2. You will be charged a further 5% after September 2.

In preparation for the next tax season:

  1. Tell your government officials locally, regionally and provincially by letter, in person, presentations, social media that high, unforeseen tax increases are unsustainable. SUPPORT BUSINESS, DON’T SHUT US DOWN
  2. Make sure your business is under the right tax classification with your city.
  3. Make sure your assessments are evaluated by an expert when you receive them in January.
  4. Advocate for a better assessment and land value structure.
  5. Advocate to ensure that all levels of government are transparent and accountable on upcoming tax decisions and changes.
  6. Ask the government what businesses will be receiving in return for paying such high tax increases (for some as high as 150%).– From the Surrey Board of Trade 
    (Advocating for a fair tax climate for businesses. Asking Businesses to Add their Individual Voices)