CHILD CARE NEWS: New BC Government Child Care Legislation Needs to Support Workforce Challenges and Private Childcare Spaces

On October 27, the Early Learning and Child Care Act, and the Early Childhood Educators Act became law. It is the next step in the BC Government’s 10-year Childcare BC plan.

“The Surrey Board of Trade is pleased with this new legislation that will further support our workforce’s ability to enter and remain in the workplace, and also supports our Early Childhood Educators (ECEs),” said Anita Huberman, President and CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade. “We have heard from our private childcare providers though that they should not be left behind or compromised in this legislation. The private industry must meet a certain ratio of educators to children in care, and that is becoming more difficult.”

The Early Learning and Child Care Act will:

·      increase transparency and accountability by requiring the Province to produce annual reports on its progress toward building an inclusive, universal child care system

·      include updates about how the Province is collaborating with Indigenous peoples to support a distinctions-based approach to child care for Indigenous children and families

The Early Childhood Educators Act will:

·      support quality early learning and child care by creating a public registry of ECEs and approved post-secondary programs

·      improve oversight of ECEs

·      reduce barriers to certification by allowing internationally trained ECEs to work while getting certified, making it easier for child care providers to hire skilled educators

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