BORDER NEWS: Surrey Board of Trade Says Canada’s PCR Test Requirement Removal for Short Trips Needs to Go Further

On November 19, the federal government announced that PCR testing requirements for shorter trips abroad will end as of November 30 for fully vaccinated Canadians. Travellers returning to Canada within 72 hours will not have to submit a PCR test but those that are returning after 72 hours will need to submit a test.

“The Surrey Board of Trade is pleased with the recent removal of PCR test requirements for short trips abroad,” said Anita Huberman, President and CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “However, we urge the federal government to remove the PCR test requirement for entry into Canada if the individual is fully vaccinated with approved vaccines and has the necessary documentation. The government’s Expert Advisory Panel recommended doing away with the tests entirely for fully-vaccinated travellers.”

“Many individuals are planning trips and they are deciding on whether to make the trip based on the extent of the barriers to do so. There are provincial health orders still in place regarding wearing masks in public, social distancing, and monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. Another costly test in another country is going to deter people from travelling, impacting the ability to build resilient economies. The removal of the PCR test requirement only for Canadians returning home from short trips does not help local economies who are eager to see a return of foreign travellers. This does not signify that Canada is open for business and travel.”

The Canadian Government needs to capitalize on lessons learned during COVID-19 which include greater cooperation with the US Government on border management to ensure the flow of goods and people traffic.


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