SURREY WORKFORCE NEWS: Surrey Board of Trade Launches Surrey Employer and Employee Job Centre

The Surrey Board of Trade, as part of its service to its members and to address current labour shortages and the mismatch of skilled labour and job vacancies, has launched a new workforce centre. The Employment Bridge is a new tool for Surrey employers and job seekers to connect. It is designed to make it easier for employers to find prospective employees that have undergone formalized training, reskilling, and upskilling in different job functions across various industries.

“The continued labour issues need creative and collaborative solutions,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Every day the Surrey Board of Trade receives multiple requests related to recruitment and workforce development challenges, which emphasizes the need to explore all possible talent pools, including local diverse groups such as immigrants, Indigenous, youth, persons with disabilities, and veterans. Every person matters.”

The Surrey Board of Trade is actively working on and enhancing partnerships with local service providers, academic and training institutions, and community groups to help employers source from strategic and diversified talent pools to address the labour shortages across all industries.

Employers and individuals seeking employment can access the Employment Bridge here: workforce-support/employment- bridge/

The portal consists of the following:

Job Board

This feature is intended for employers to share new employment opportunities, which the Surrey Board of Trade shares and promotes on social media and with relevant talent. To post your employment opportunities to the Job Board, members must log in to their member account and submit a new job posting.

Applicant Board

In this feature the Surrey Board of Trade uploads the latest resumes from applicants that have most recently graduated from an accredited training institution in a specialized program. Browse through vetted resumes to find applicants with relevant training and skills.

The Surrey Board of Trade will continuously be adding and updating its inventory of new applicants and will promote them monthly.


For more information contact, Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade
604-634-0342 or 604-340-3899 or