SURREY BUSINESS NEWS: Surrey Board of Trade President Anita Huberman Receives a 2021 Outstanding Canadian Award

PHOTO 1: Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Member of Parliament for South Surrey – White Rock awards Anita Huberman with an Outstanding Canadian Award Medallion on January 21, 2022

PHOTO 2: 2021 Outstanding Canadian Recipients 

Surrey’s Anita Huberman was one of 15 recipients in Canada to receive a 2021 Outstanding Canadian Award Medallion. The medallion was specially designed to show the red maple leaves depicting thirteen provinces and territories of Canada.

“I am humbled by this honour and national recognition,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Congratulations also to Surrey Crime Prevention Society’s Executive Director Karen Reid Sidhu. It’s amazing to see that BC’s only award recipients are from Surrey. This speaks to the importance of Surrey across Canada.”

The Outstanding Canadian Awards is a program which originated in 2000 by a group of community leaders, to select and honour outstanding leaders, successful professionals, and volunteers from Canadian communities and visible minority groups, including the Indigenous community, for their exemplary work and efforts in promoting diversity in Canada. The 2021 award theme focused on community leaders who improved the Canadian way of life and promoted best measures to keep citizens safe.

The recipients are:

1.     Rodolfo Cantiveros, Manitoba

2.     Courtney Hilbig, Ontario

3.     Anita Huberman, British Columbia

4.     Mona Lancaster, Ontario

5.     Cesar Manebo, Ontario

6.     Muhammad Masood, Ontario

7.     Kathleen Mochnacki, Ontario

8.     Antonio Pasilabban, Jr., Ontario

9.     Ludy Pasilabban, Ontario

10.  Robert Prior, Ontario

11.  Karen Reid Sidhu, British Columbia

12.  Teresa Torralba, Ontario

13.  Haipeng Xie, Ontario

14.  Edith Vallena, Ontario

15.  Rolando Vallena, Ontario

For more information:

Ray Alix

Chairman, Outstanding Canadian Awards


Anita Huberman
President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade